The Wedding Night – La Nuit De Noces – Montreal, QC

Aaron Shahi will be performing at The Wedding Night, Rumi’s birthday celebration at Montreal in December 2019. Each December, a festival takes place in the city of Konya, Turkey to celebrate Sheb-i Arus—“The Wedding Night.” It commemorates the passing of mystic, philosopher and poet Mevlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi (1207-1273).

As a local celebration, a very similar ceremony will take place in Montreal, Quebec annually on the same date to celebrate La Nuit De Noces. In honour of this, Montrealers are invited to join and witness a sacred ceremony of poetry, music and Sufi devotional dance. Semazenbashi (sema master) Raqib Brian Burke from Vancouver, will guide local whirling dervishes in sema as they turn with one palm extended upward to receive and one extended downward to give, keeping nothing for themselves. It is an active meditation, the dance of the planets–a symbol of peace presented in the Mevlevi and Rifa’i-Marufi Sufi traditions.


After the ceremony, all those in attendance will be invited to participate in a Long Sema Space: continuous sacred music, zikr and whirling, a pattern possibly similar to the sema shared at the time of Rumi.

For this event, Aaron will be performing with great musicians Amir Amiri, Omar Abou-afach, Zayid Al-Baghdadi, and Kattam Tam.